Your guide to a healthy pregnancy

If you are going to be a mom in a few months, CONGRATULATIONS! Labour is not as severe as you hear it to be. You have to pull it for some more time, and Dr Max Mongelli is here to help you out in any of your needs anytime! With years of experiences of handling countless pregnancy cases and research, he is the best choice for you to consult. He will ensure your child comes to the world all healthy and you heal quickly to nurture the baby. Here are some tips you may require while being pregnant.

  1. Do not take any medications on your own. If you feel any discomfort or uneasiness with your running medicine, stop it and immediately consult your doctor. Max Mongelli will provide you with the best remedy for your problem.
  2. If possible, stay under the care of your parents or in-laws. They are experienced and will know what exactly you need or should do in any situations. They can advise you when you get hyper or stressed. If they are not available, seek a healthcare provider who is capable of providing parental care both to you and the one growing in your womb.
  3. Depression, nightmares, tantrums, excessive stress, tension is very common during pregnancy, especially towards the end. You are going to do something that you are completely new at. Do not worry as it is very natural with all the hormones jumping around. Just talk about what is going on in your mind with your dear ones or with the doctors. Seek comfort in the arms of people you love.
  4. You have life growing inside you. Put a check on your lifestyle. Watch your diet, cut off alcohol and friend snacks with junks. Travel if you want but most importantly remain active during the pregnancy. Also, take good care of yourself in terms of hygiene and weight gain. Remember if you are healthy, the little one will come out healthy and happy.
  5. Sex is absolutely okay during pregnancy. But if you have some complications or you have conceived after the age of 35, it is advised that you consult your doctor once before taking any further steps.

Wishing you excellent luck with the remaining trimesters and for your delivery. The mentioned tips will come handy during this time, and for any consultation regarding emergency scenarios, you know whom to contact- Dr Max Mongelli!

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