Womens Health – A Burning Issue

Many health issues threaten the wellbeing of women all around the world, from cancer, mental health issues, post-birth sickness, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV AIDs, among many others. It is of utmost importance to be bothered about the death rate due to health issues that happen to the women population globally. This is not to say that men all over the world don’t have or encounter health problems, but women have specific health issues that are associated with them and require utmost consideration.

In the early 19th century, the expected life span of an average American woman was about 50yrs according to the American life expectancy report. In this millennium, due to advancement in medicine and other life comforting inventions that have improved quality of life, the life expectancy is at 82, and this may increase in years to come. Women can now anticipate a better quality of life and an assurance of longevity in life span. This can only be realistic to an average woman on the street who has a real concern for her health and fitness. This life expectancy is not the same in some other parts of the world where most women don’t have access to basic health facilities. It is quite saddening to know that in this 21st century, the life expectancy in some part of Africa and Asia stands below 65yrs!

Dr max Mongelli, an expert on health matters, expect women to be self-supportive, aware, and increase the attention they give to their health status. Max Mongelli believes this will not only increase the life span of women but will also keep them fit and healthy.

The starting point to healthy living for women is to give attention to their diet. Eating a balanced diet and doing regular medical check-ups are part of the routing to a healthy life.

Women must ensure they provide adequate vitamins and minerals for their body through supplements and a healthy diet. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is adviced by medical professionals.  

Daily exercises, proper health awareness programs, medical check-up, and dedication to a good lifestyle as much as possible. This will help women attain good health and long life expectancy.

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