Pregnancy Nesting: 5 simple tips for first-time moms!

Some things are easier said than done; one of them is patiently waiting for the arrival of your new bundle of joy. Several soon-to-be mothers are ready to have their baby right out of their womb after their third trimester only. But, there’s a huge need to be ready and prepared for bringing the baby home. Dr. Max Mongelli will make sure you are aware of the 5 Nesting tips for first-time mothers.

  • Packing your hospital bag early

Ensure that you have a clear headspace when it’s about to be time. Have a calm, collected and composed state of mind when you plan on taking the list of things to the hospital. It’s always better to have the hospital bag ready by 35 weeks to be put in your car. Also, have your partner’s stuff prepared as you never know when you might go into labor.

  • Wash all the newborn clothing

It’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know what kind of chemicals are put on the clothing of your little one. Newborns enter into life with deficient immunity to germs, and I’m sure you don’t want your baby to be breathing in any fumes from a factory. Use the third trimester to wash and sort all the clothing.

  • Enjoy frozen meals

There’s a hustle-bustle in life when your baby makes his grand entrance into the world. You often forget to eat your meals or even take a shower. So, in the worst come worst circumstances, it’s better to keep a bunch of frozen meals that you can heat anytime and enjoy. It’s best to create a list of meals that you and your partner enjoy to be pre-assembled in the refrigerator.

  • Have your car-seat in place

Once you step out of the hospital, you and your partner are the only ones responsible for your little one. From feeding to cleaning and from dozing off process to transporting, it’s all your responsibility. There’s a statistics wherein 74 to 90 per cent of the child seats are used improperly. Even the most dedicated parents can miss out on this aspect wherein the car seat installation process is a must.

  • Stock up all the things you need in the first month

Make a list of all the things you need for the first few weeks, which includes diaper rash cream, gas drops or nipple cream to name a few. There’s never a thing called being too prepared. All of these things must be accessible at all times.

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