My 9 Best-Ever Pregnancy Tips and Secrets

If you are going to be a mother soon, you must be hearing a lot of advice, dos and don’ts which is in turn, making you panic. Let me tell you; it is not at all suitable for your present health condition. Turn a deaf ear to everyone around and if possible, consult Dr Max Mongelli. With years of hard work, experience as research, he knows the perfect ways to guide you through the nine months so that you deliver a healthy child without compromising with your health. Provided below are nine best tips that lie a secret to the pregnant moms out there.

  1. Max Mongelli will tell you that all the mothers will not have morning sickness. You may feel nauseating in your first trimester, but you may not puke everything out during this period.
  2. There are remedies to morning sickness. Often the vitamin tablets prescribed to you may make you puke. Talk to your doctor about it, and he can prescribe you some anti-nauseating to make you feel better.
  3. The process of labour and giving birth is a different experience for every mother. While you may here, someone has endured a lot of pain and complications while giving birth while someone else did it just right. Do not get confused or carried away by it. Live every moment of it and enjoy your unique labour experience.
  4. Do not make any life-changing decisions while you are pregnant. With the abnormal change rates of the hormones and so much changing over in your body, you will be emotionally vulnerable. You might regret any decision you make during your trimesters.
  5. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Do not care whether you are being judged. Go out for maternity clothes shopping. The brand new collections will make you feel better and pick the ones that you can use later as well!
  6. It is alright if you do not fit in your everyday wears anymore. You are growing a human inside you, and that is the best experience! Things will be alright in months.
  7. Relish every moment! You will be pampered, loved and cared to the utmost!
  8. Dreams that may be scary is natural. With the hormones jumping and all the stress you are going through, it is quite natural. Do not be afraid and talk to someone if required.
  9. You can bond with your child when it is growing inside you!

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