Gain Better and Accurate Knowledge about Feminine Hygiene

Intimate hygiene is a significant part of the life of a woman. But it is also a fact that there are so many girls who don’t have proper knowledge about how to treat their private parts. The reason is lack of awareness and shyness to talk over these issues. We should frankly talk about several intimate hygiene issues like vaginal smell, itching, periods, and many more. In this blog, Dr. Max Mongelli is sharing some tips about feminine intimate hygiene.

Importance of Education

Education about intimate issues in girls is essential. Generally, mother, elder sister, or female teachers at school must tell girls about different hygiene issues at an early age. They should not at all feel shy about this because it is an important part of their body.

Healthy Nutrition

The kind of food we eat governs the health of every body part of our body. The same is true for the vagina also. To keep your vagina healthy, you must eat a balanced and healthy diet. There are different things like yogurt, which produce a large number of bacteria and hence should be consumed in a limited amount.

Have a clean and dry vagina

Your vagina should be dry and clean most of the times. You should wear breathable fabrics like cotton for undergarment and other clothes. The risk of several infections and bacterial growth are increased if your vagina is always wet.

Use fresh towels

Don’t use the same towel again and again for cleaning. You should wash it with good antibacterial detergent and change it frequently to avoid any bacterial infection on the surface of your vagina.

Special Attention during Periods

Girls should take special care of their vagina during periods. Sex should be highly avoided during this time, and control on diet and cleanliness should be the priority. Always use good quality sanitary napkins and change it daily or multiple times a day to avoid any infection and bad smell.

Don’t Use Irrelevant Products.

Many girls in their early age tend to use inappropriate chemicals, soap and other things to keep their vagina clean. However, these things can cause long time problems like UTI because they change the natural pH balance. You should use any product only when you have full information about it.

Never Involve in Unsafe Sex

You should always use condoms while having sex unless you are doing it for pregnancy. They not only prevent unexpected pregnancy but also help in prevention several STDs and infections.

Female intimate hygiene has been a silent issue for a very long time due to our conventional thinking. These issues must be discussed freely, and if at any point any expert advice is needed, then you should consult to doctor immediately. There are several experienced doctors like Dr. Max Mongelli, who are ready to provide consultancy on these issues. It would help if you used them as per your needs.

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