All you need to know about healthy weight gain during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable. This additional weight is important for better health of both the baby and the mother. This is the base for a healthy delivery and postnatal care. This care has to be taken throughout the term of pregnancy and healthy weight gain is a sign of good health for both of them. This weight gain should be supplemented by highly nutritional food which makes sure that all vitamins and minerals are included in the diet of the mother. The appetite of the mother should be well-constructed with all food groups as the body needs all the strength it can get. Here are some of the basic things one should know about pregnancy weight.

  1. How much weight gain is considered healthy?

It depends on different body types and stages of pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy is very normal and in fact, some doctors recommend weight gain as a means of good sign. The pre-pregnancy weight of the mother is an important factor to consider healthy weight gain. The body mass index or BMI should be healthy as per pregnancy stage and trimester.

2. How to calculate Body Mass Index?

Usually, Body Mass Index is calculated by:

BMI= Weight / (Height x Height)

Here, weight denoted the weight of the expecting mother before pregnancy and height is her height in metres.

3. How to limit immediate weight gain during pregnancy?

Since the expecting mother is eating for two, she has to make sure that she is eating healthy and well. The right kind of food has to be ingested. It is better to limit sugar and fat. This weight gain might also be because of lack of physical activity. Foods that should be avoided involve:

  • Fatty and high cholesterol foods
  • Limit the intake of dairy products
  • Remove the chicken skin and fats before eating
  • Try to keep away from high sugar foods like toffees, chocolates and sweets
  • Soft drink which should be substituted with water and fresh juices
  • High sugar juices should be limitedly taken

 4. What happens to the pregnancy weight after having the baby?

The extra weight is not only because of the child but it is also the weight of the mother which is built up to sustain the baby. The weight gained from the second trimester is shed off with time and regular physical activity after having a baby.  Dr Max Mongelli is the one to reach out to for consultation regarding pregnancy weight gain among other queries.

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